Testimonials for Allison Taylor 

Jayson Pahlmeyer, Pahlmeyer Winery-
"Allison is a healing person. Allison is simply the best, period."

Robert Sinskey-
"You cured the pain that $3,000 in conventional medicine couldn't do."

"I have been a patient of Allison's for several years receiving both massage and acupuncture treatments.  I have chronic issues with my neck, back and feet ( due to computer work and arthritis). Traditional medicine just doesn't address these issues very well.  I'm no stranger to massage and I can say that Allison is a gifted and insightful healer.  She is great to work with and always has a positive attitude.  She manages to find just the right place and work it out.  I like to classify body workers as those that 'have the touch' and those that don't.  Allison definitely has it! I find that the acupuncture and bodywork really go hand in hand.  I've had treatments previously, but they never really worked.  However, under Allison's care, I have experienced several transformational sessions, where my issues were literally fixed.  Seeing Allison keeps me going and I can recommend her services to anyone."  ​

​​Susan Branum Rousseau-
"When I visit Allison, I know I will be taken care of. She has magic hands that find all the right places." 

Archer Rae Bryan-
"It has been my pleasure to be acquainted with Allison in many venues. She is an ardent practitioner of the Health practices she preaches and therefore a highly skilled 
Acupuncturist and Bodyworker. I 
have relied on her Acupuncture and massage skills in acute times and chronic.I always leave her office feeling symptom free and balanced."
​​​​Christine Loeber-

"My doctor told me I needed surgery to fix a labral tear in my shoulder. I decided to see Allison first with the hope of healing my shoulder as much as possible pre-surgery. She did even better than that! With acupuncture, Chinese herbs, and body work my shoulder was healed to the point where surgery was no longer required. Thank you Allison I am extremely grateful."


Barbara Winiarski-
"Through the years my family has valued as a skilled massage therapist and more recently as a Licensed Acupuncturist.  A year ago I had a stroke that left me paralyzed on the right side; and since that time Allison has been an indispensable help in my recovery. She combines both disciplines effectively to "wake up" my right hip and leg, always finding new ways to fit my needs. She has the intuitive sense to find what really works that makes a gifted practitioner unique."

Stephen Winiarski- 
"I second that."